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Individuals seek therapy  for a variety of reasons. I have spent my professional career as a Licensed Professional Counselor, working with adult clients across a diverse range of issues, including; trauma, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, low self esteem, parenting stress, chronic health conditions, relationship conflict, intimacy issues, life transitions, grief and stress management .   In individual therapy, we work as a team to uncover and heal the issues that prevent you from living an empowered and intentional life. Together we can explore current life issues, feelings, behaviors and ingrained negative beliefs that you keep you from living the life that you want.   We will work through your current challenges and you will learn to look at suffering as a call to courage, personal growth, and authentic living. It is my goal to give you concrete tools that you can walk away with to enhance your life and relationships. I use an eclectic approach, blending Existential, Client-Centered, Emotion-focused and Internal Family Systems perspectives. 

individual therapy

By the time couples come in to see a therapist, they are usually in the thick of relationship distress and disconnection. The perpetual problems that have existed for years have typically gone unresolved, often creating acute distress within the relationship.  Couples often enter therapy once feelings of hopelessness, resentment and estrangement define their connection.  Research shows that the average couple waits at least 6 years before seeking counseling for issues that are threatening their relationship bond. Many wait until they are on the brink of separation or divorce before seeking counseling. At Thrive Psychotherapy, my goal is to help couples excavate the lessons learned from their struggles in order to build a new partnership that is mutually healing and nourishing. It is for this reason that I have pursued extensive training in both Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotion Focused Couple Therapy (EFT).  Both methods are highly effective  and based on decades of extensive research on couples. By  using these proven interventions in therapy, we will work to change negative patterns of communication,  increase intimacy and trust,  create a more secure bond, and help build a solid foundation of friendship and emotional connection. Couples  will be able to learn highly effective tools that they can take straight from the therapy session to their daily lives in order to build a happier and healthier relationship. For couples struggling with the discovery of infidelity, we will begin our work with a structured affair recovery process in order to begin the repair work needed to rebuild trust and create a newer and healthier version of your relationship.  


Some of the issues that may be explored in couples therapy include but are not limited to:

  • Poor communication

  • Infidelity

  • Parenting conflict

  • Intimacy issues 

  • Emotional distance

  • Conflict and argument management

  • Lack of shared meaning and interest

  • Dealing with the aftermath of trauma 

  • Loss of friendship in the relationship 


couples therapy

Pre-marital Therapy

Premarital counseling is an excellent tool to help couples strengthen their relationship as they enter into marriage. Research shows that couples who have undergone premarital counseling, report not only higher levels of marital satisfaction, but also a 30% higher marital success rate.  Using both Gottman Method  Couples Therapy and EFT techniques, I help couples  create a secure bond for a happy and lasting relationship .  As a part of our work together, we will identify and address potential areas of conflict in your relationship, before they turn into perpetual problems in your marriage.  Couples will be coached on healthy communication techniques in order to manage conflict and express core needs. Therapy sessions will also be used to explore beliefs and expectations pertaining to marriage and to create a shared vision for partnership.

Some issues that may be addressed in premarital counseling include conflict pertaining to:


  • Finances, child-rearing, roles, career goals

  • Affection, intimacy and sex

  • Managing extended family and in-law relationships 

  • Learning healthy conflict management and communication skills

  • Creating a shared vision and goals for the relationship

  • Addressing fears pertaining to marriage and committment

  • Navigating cultural and / or religious differences 


pre-maital therapy

Group therapy can be an incredibly powerful tool to propel clients forward in their lives. Throughout my career I have seen the power that shared experiences hold in dismantling feelings of isolation and overwhelm. As a Certified Group Psychotherapist, I facilitate groups where we create a safe space together in order provide collaborative support and shared healing.

I currently have two group offerings:

  •  Mother's Support Group : Motherhood is one of the most rewarding yet challenging  life experiences.  As mothers, our very identities change and we are presented with unanticipated challenges without an instruction manual. It is little wonder that the all consuming nature of motherhood can bring increased feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety. This is a group where we learn to thrive, through the ups and downs of the parenting journey. We address a variety of themes, including; self-care, loss of identity, boundaries,  mothering guilt, perfectionism, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, exploring purpose, establishing a connection with yourself and joy.

  •  Parents of Children with Health Challenges : This is a group for parents whose children have received long-term diagnoses related to physical and / or developmental challenges and any type of special needs. When our children receive a chronic health diagnosis, the demands of parenting substantially increase, as does the need to acquire the emotional and mental tools to journey alongside our children. This is a group to assist parents in coping with the daily stressors and range of emotions that accompany challenging diagnoses. In this group we address themes including grief and acceptance, self care, anxiety,depression, coping skills , relationships with significant others and viewing the parent -child relationship from a strengths-based perspective. 

Maximum number of participants in each group is limited to 8 -10 individuals. Groups meet once a week for two hours, for 8 weeks.

group therapy
Rustic Beach Path


$125 for 60 minute sessions

4-Session Package: $465

6-Session Package: $700

$300 for 8 weeks of group therapy


I do not accept insurance; however, some carriers do provide reimbursement for out-of-network mental/behavioral health services.  I am happy to provide you with the documentation needed in such cases.

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